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What time is check-in? 

Check-in is at 1pm!

  • For Senior High, check-in is at 1pm on Saturday, June 15th.

  • For Junior High, check-in is at 1pm on Sunday, June 23rd.

  • For Primary, check-in is at 1pm on Sunday, July 7th.

  • For Junior, check-in is at 1pm on Sunday, July 14th.

What time is pick-up?

  • For Senior High, pick-up is at 8am on Saturday, June 22nd.

  • For Junior High, pick-up is at 8am on Saturday, June 29th.

  • For Primary, pick-up is right after dinner, around 6pm on Thursday, July 11th.

  • For Junior, pick-up is at 8am on Saturday, July 20th.

How do I know what week of camp to send my child?

Each week of camp is based on the grade your child just completed. Senior High is for campers finishing 9th-12th grade, this week of camp is June 15th-22nd. Junior High is for campers finishing 6th-8th grade, this week of camp is June 23rd-29th. Primary is for campers finishing 1st-3rd grade and is July 7th-11th. Junior is for campers finishing 4th and 5th grade, this week is July 14th-20th. We cannot accommodate requests to send your child to a different week of camp for any reason, each week has age appropriate material and most weeks are at full capacity.

We don't know what to bring! Is there a packing list?

Yes! Click here to view suggested packing list.

Help! I didn't get a confirmation email to know if my child is registered. 

Please note, you will not receive an automatic confirmation email, our system does not allow for that. If missing any part of the registration or camper is on the waitlist, we will reach out and let you know!

How much does Scioto Youth Camp cost?

For over 70 years SYC has been a FREE summer church camp for children finishing 1st grade through 12th grade.

If camp is free, how does it run?

We run solely on donations, our budget is about $60,000 per year. These costs include electric, water, phone, food, insurance, repairs/maintenance to name a few. We gladly accept donations at check-in! If you would like to give online, you can do so by clicking here. Thank you so much for your generous donation!

Will my camper need to bring any money to camp?

We have Marketplace (our candy store) that campers can go to Monday-Friday. Please note, since we are a non-profit, the Marketplace items are at wholesale pricing. We recommend a $1 daily for Primary, $2 daily for Junior, $3 daily for Junior High, and $4 daily for Senior High. We encourage campers to tithe any remaining balance. We also have t-shirts available, they can be purchased at check-in or throughout the week and the cost ranges from $10-15 each. And remember, we always gladly accept donations!

Can we send snacks and drinks with our child?

Please no snacks packed in your child’s bag or coolers full of sugary drinks. We provide three meals a day + marketplace + a nighttime protein snack. Snacks, candy and sugary drinks in the cabin can invite ants and bees. There may also be accidental sharing with a camper who has a severe food allergy. Please note, if your camper has allergies to food we recommend that you bring food options for them and we will store these food options in the kitchen. We do our best to accommodate food allergies, but we cannot guarantee a gluten-free, peanut-free or dye-free facility. Thank you for your cooperation.

What meals are provided?

We provide three meals a day + marketplace + a nighttime protein snack. Here is a sample menu for a day!

  • Breakfast 8am: French toast, sausage, yogurt, fruit, cereal, milk, juice.

  • Lunch 12pm: beef or chicken taco or taco salad, black beans, corn, rice, veggies/ranch, watermelon, sweet tea, water. 

  • Marketplace 3pm: chips, ice cream, candy, Gatorade available.

  • Dinner 5pm: chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, veggies/ranch, cookie, sweet tea, water.

  • Evening Snack 8pm: yogurt or cheese stick and grapes, water.

What time is Chapel? Can we join?

Chapel service is at 7pm each night, parents are welcome to join! Please note, if you have a Primary camper, they may become homesick if joining nightly for Chapel. We ask that any guests leave right after Chapel service is over. It is usually dark by that time and we start right into our nighttime activities, some of which are running games and we don't want the campers running around any cars that may be leaving. Thank you for your cooperation. 

What is the address of camp? Is there a phone?

Click here to view our contact us page.

I'm confused, the rules say no electronics, but my child says they're allowed to bring their cellphone. Can they?

We encourage campers to leave their phones at home, especially the younger ages! However, we know for Senior High and Junior High weeks of camp the campers have a really hard time without their phone. So our compromise is this, for the two older weeks of camp we allow campers to bring their cell phones. During the check-in process, we collect their phones and place them into a locked box. Each night, the campers are distributed back their phones for "cell phone time" approximately 15-20 minutes. Once the time is up, we collect the phones and place them back into the locked box. 

My child takes medicine every day how will they get it?

We have a nurse present during each week of camp to monitor campers and distribute medicine. We ask that all medicine (prescribed and over the counter) be in the original box or container and turned in at check-in. No camper should have any type of medication on their person or in their belongings.

What if I need to pick-up my child for an appointment or sports practice?

That's no problem! We ask that during check-in you let the Director know when you will be needing to pick up your child. You'll need to sign them out in the Dining Hall when leaving and sign them back in when you return.

The gate is closed, I can't get in!

We have the gate closed as a security measure to keep your child safe. Please push the ring door bell or call the camp number, tell us what you're here for (EXAMPLE: My name is Aaron and I'm here to pick up John for his appointment.) and we'll open the gate for you. Please be patient while waiting for the gate to open, the app for the gate is managed by the staff and we're usually busy interacting with the campers and/or preparing a meal! Remember to sign camper out when leaving and sign them back in when you return!

I thought the gate was kept closed at all times, why is it open?

There are three occasions when the gate will be open, 1. during check-in, 2. nightly for Chapel service at 7pm and 3. for pick-up.

I would like to read through the rules and policies again, how do I find them? 

Click here to download a copy of our rules and policies for your records. 

How does Scioto Youth Camp believe?

We are affiliated with the United Brethren in Christ Church, click here to learn more. Our camp welcomes children from any church or denomination, along with children that don't have a church they can call their own. Click here to learn more about the Lifestyle Covenant our volunteer staff adheres to.

What if my child would like to be baptized?

Some weeks, not all, might have a baptism service performed by the Pastor. Sometimes baptism is talked about during Chapel service or often times campers ask if they can be baptized. If this happens, the Director will reach out to you and ask your permission. We will also invite you to come!

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